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Our society needs sincere attention of all intellectuals for its betterment. We have been trying to do something for our betterment of locality with a great effort. We are trying to work on those problem areas where intellectual's help is barely needed. We are working under following most urgent projects which can show the right path of development. To success the following projects your active participation is necessary.

Asa Sikkhiba Amari Bhahsa

The Intellects has been instrumental in imparting Odia language in New Delhi. As the preliminary step, THE INTELLECTS organizes Odia learning classes for 2 hours every Sunday under the banner of “ASA SIKHIBA AMARI BHASHA”.

Mera Bharat Mahan

It is an attempt to shape the innovation and leadership quality of children in different spheres of life. It is a study exchange programe among students of privileged community and unprivileged groups. It aims to reduce social disparities between have and have not by mutual sharing of thought and knowledge. Sharing with others and caring for others is age old culture of India thus THE INTELLECTS works to share the knowledge and feelings of generation next among themselves across the society without any social constraint.

Odisha My Vision

THE INTELLECTS is making an endeavor to do a churning among youngsters, what lies ahead for a better Odisha. The churning is obviously through essays and debates in mother tongue. This is state wide programme to involve each and every educational institution right from block level to state level and from Higher Secondary students to Post Graduate students. The ideas for a developed Odisha is being collected from students, intellectuals and teachers across the state which will be produced as vision documents for Odisha. It will be first ever attempt to involve directly the students and teacher in policy making process. The vision documents will be presented to NIITI AYOG, CMO and Hon'ble President of India.

Prabashi Bhasha Samman

It is an attempt to recognize the works of literary genius of the soil. This award is confronted to eminent literary personalities of state, selected by jury constituting renowned persons from Odia diaspora.

The Intellects Wizard Search

THE INTELLECTS tries to find the genius brain by Math Wizard Search to felicitate and encourage them to do excel in future. This activity motivates small innovative minds to do great things in future.

Fragrance Odisha

Odisha is a state, rich in music, dance and festivals. It is a veritable melting pot of art, tradition and religion. Music and dance is integral to the lives of the people of the state. We at ‘The Intellect’ to promote our culture outside Odisha, are bringing the ‘RAJA’ and other festivals to Delhi enabling all (more than 16 lakhs Odia people) to participate in the festivities of Odisha right here in the same spirit. The intention is to take a journey through the music, songs, varied folk dances, traditional rituals and delicious ODIA FOOD by organizing an event named “FRAGRANCE ODISHA; ମହକ ମୋ ମାଟିର” during the festivals.

Smart Farming

It is a dream project which is all about rural employment, agricultural marketing development and better institutional credit for small and marginal farmers. This model is better fit for less developed state like Odisha, UP, Bihar, West Bengal etc. This model is to break the vicious circle of poverty of farmers. It aims at developing a system through which rural employment will be generated, Agricultural product will be valued properly at village level, rural people will get better food product at their door step at a low price and real income of farmers will rise in both way; i.e. expenditure and income. INDEPTH ODISHA

Indepth Odisha

INDePth Odisha is a series of seminars hosted by THE INTELLECTS-; a progressive forum of intelligentsia working on the development of Odisha. The series intends to generate ideas and through engaging practitioners as well as thinkers working in various fields starting from grassroots to apex level. Each state is unique in its natural and human resources. Post independence Odisha has had a long march in the development path. However, there is a need for serious look into its growth and development path. The constructive engagement of multiple stakeholders is the only way to reassess the past and provide blue print for the future. INDePth Odisha Conferences series is one of the many ways to create platform to engage intelligentsia in more meaningful way. AMARI BHASHA PATH

Amari Bhasha Pathe(International Conclave of Odia language)

The Odia language our Mother Tongue was accorded the ‘Classical language’ status by the Govt of India on 20th February 2014. Odia language was the sixth language in India to get this status and the first from the Indo-Aryan linguistic group. It was a historic milestone in the journey of Odia language. In order to impart the responsibility of propagating the mother tongue THE INTELLECTS is leading from the front to organize the international Conclave of Odia language. The International Conclave showcases the Odia identity in the National Capital and bringing some best minds of the country to discuss on various issues of immense need on Mother Tongue. Eminent people across the world including many renowned experts from various walks of life takes part in this event.

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