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IN-DEPTH ODISHA:Conferences Series on Development of Odisha

'IN-DEPTH Odisha' is a series of seminars hosted intends to generate ideas through engaging practitioners as well as thought leaders working in various fields starting from grassroots to the apex level. In the post-independence period, Odisha has embarked a long march on the path of development and growth. However, there is a need of serious looking into its growth and development path and pattern. The constructive engagement of multiple stakeholders is the only way to reassess the past and provide a blue print for the future. 'IN-DEPTH Odisha Conferences' series is one of the many ways to create platform to engage intelligentsia in more meaningful way. We are putting leaders from different backgrounds into small sized groups; where they can discuss the complications emerging from development in minute detail. Fresh and innovative ideas are the hallmark of this conference series.