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LangFest::International Conclave on Mother Language

The Odia language traces its roots back to 4 Century BC. Odisha was the first state to be carved out as a separate state on the basis of the language. It was accorded as the sixth 'Classical Language' status in th India by the Govt. of India on 20 February 2014. It was a historic milestone in the journey of Odia language.Now it becomes the responsibility of all the lovers of Odia language to preserve, propagate and carry forward the legacy of the Odia language. This journey must be taken form heights to new heights.Keeping this fact in mind, an International Mother Language Conclave has been organized since 2015 to commemorate the classical status day and International th st Mother Language Day on 20 and 21 of February every year by congregating Linguists from all Indian Languages including classical languages, authors, domain leaders, students and experts from different parts of the country and abroad. Its primary objective is to discuss, analyze, interpret the problems of mother languages at the age where hegemony of English language is prevalent and as a result the youth have turned its face away from Mother language.