The Intellects


  • When the whole diaspora was looking helplessly how to transfer mother language to next generation of PrabasiOdias without any mechanism, at that time THE INTELLECTS has developed a unique model of Odia learning “ASA SIKHIBA AMARI BHASHA”. It not only imparts Odia language but also successfully develops Odia pride among Odia kids living outside the state. This model of teaching has been adopted, appreciated and practiced by many organizations to teach mother language to their kids across the world.

  • Hundreds of Prabasi Odia kids living across National Capital Region have been successfully taught their mother tongue and made them aware about culture and tradition of Odias by the organization.

  • It has been organizing annual International Conclave on Mother Language in New Delhi since 2015 which witnesses highly intellectual discussion, analysis, interpretation related to all classical languages and other Indian languages. It congregates renowned linguists, authors, Litterateurs of all th st Indian languages on 20 and 21 February signifying the day of classical status to Odia language and International Mother Language day.

  • Some of our proposals made by linguists and experts in Mother Language Conclave have been adopted by Govt. of Odisha to promote and strengthen the roots of Odia language in Odisha.

  • For first time in the history of Odia Language, we have published a Linguist Report on number and order of Odia alphabets which has made a positive buzz across the linguist fraternity in Odisha.

  • It has successfully organized the National History Symposium on 'Paika Rebellion: A forgotten era of Indian freedom struggle' to establish the first common man uprising against the powerful British in academic arena. This is the only attempt made by any organization to establish Odisha pride as national pride; as a result NCERT successfully placed 'Paika Rebellion' in its academic curriculum.