The Intellects


THE INTELLECTS is a platform for common people and intellectuals living across the globe embark on a mission to make their mother land an ideal one. The organization puts its sincere efforts to bring to notice the socioeconomic issues of Odia people and Odisha. Atleast for last three decades, Odisha is facing an acute job shortage problem. Due to this Odia people are migrating to different parts of the country in search of job. In the process they come across another problem. They miss their cultural practices and secondly their children could not learn Odia language and do not get a chance to experience the Odia culture. We strongly believe that we should take some step to address this issue. We have started our journey from Delhi in 2012. People from different profession, age group, area believed in this idea and started contributing time, resources, guidance benevolently. Different ideas took shape of action plan. So far, we are running many activities successfully, which we would like to introduce later in this document.


  • To develop commitment for the mother land among GenX.

  • To create leadership quality among students for representing Odisha in national and international platform.

  • To groom the innovative ideas among kids.

  • To reduce the gap between two section of the society i.e. Young and Old.

  • To discover the hidden talents from neglected areas and place them in main stream of the society.



  • To INFORM young brains about the issues and concerns those affect their lives.

  • To EMPOWER young people with skills, knowledge, values and exposures for enabling them to avail opportunities.

  • To INVOLVE young and intellectual people in all stages of their self development as well as community development.