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Our State of Odisha, which is endowed with rich natural and mineral resources, is not poor, but there is poverty of idea, intellect and introspection. Over sixty years have passed since India’s independence on 15 August 1947, but our State is yet to achieve anything substantial in terms of socio-economic development. At this crucial juncture, THE INTELLECTS, which is a platform for common people and intellectuals living across the globe, embarks on a mission to make our State an ideal one. The organization puts emphasis on education of the people, which is a panacea for evils like poverty and inequality. It gives a clarion call to the people of Odia Diaspora, be it a common man or an intellectual, to join hands together and contribute for the betterment of the society so that the dream of a progressive and prosperous state of Odisha can be realized.Read more

Our Mission

To promote the art and culture of Odisha across the world.

To save and spread Oida language among Prabashi Odias.

To work for development of state by grooming our next generation through shaping their innovation and leadership quality.

To work for removal of economical and social inequality in the economy by providing better education to backward groups.

To work for human resources development by proper skill development training and knowledge.

To increase social harmony by reintroducing socio-cultural activities.

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